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Jake Mills

Creating Templates for Object Creation

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Creating Objects with Constructor Functions & The ‘new’ Operator

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This article will cover building an object in JavaScript using factory functions.

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…and gratuitous Bachelor/Bachelorette gifs…

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Visualizing the Call Stack

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Voila! A stack being built

A Brief Look at JS Prototypes

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A Quick Guide Showcasing How to Avoid Mutating Objects in JavaScript When Removing Properties & Gratuitous Jon Stewart Gifs…again…

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How to avoid Object Mutation when removing properties

Three Quick Ways to Avoid Mutating Objects in JavaScript & Gratuitous Jon Stewart Gifs

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let character = {
firstName: 'Captain',
lastName: 'America'
let avenger = character;character.lastName = 'Marvel';console.log(avenger.lastName);

1. Create a New Object

A Brief Stream of Consciousness on Special Numbers in JavaScript

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// number

Jake Mills

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